My Monticello day trip

One of the most inspiring places I’ve been too, has been Monticello. This is where American history took place.


I’m a history nerd and I always have been. So when I had the chance to visit Monticello I was more than ecstatic! It’s the most beautiful home I’ve ever been too and I can’t wait to go back. I have never been more inspired! I loved how Thomas Jefferson had the house laid out and decorated. As soon as you walk in to the entrance hall you see Native American artifacts and maps. He used this room as an introduction to the house and a cultural education. I was in LOVE with that idea! He kept people interested. Jefferson used it to educate his guests at Monticello-which a lot of people wanted to come visit the beautiful home.  I loved how Mr. Jefferson was a list maker (because, I am as well.). He documented everything! It’s a historical fan’s paradise. It’s just amazing. I’ve never loved a piece of property like I do Monticello.

Understandably, you aren’t able to take pictures on the inside. But the outside is just as beautiful.My first favorite room was his study/book room. I loved the old books(**note: they are not Jefferson’s, but the same titles he had), and the beautiful arched doorways. It’s the way a study should look like.

“I cannot live without my books.”

                                                                                         Thomas Jefferson

My second favorite room is the tea room. I think it’s the most beautiful and cheerful rooms in the house. I can just imagine Thomas Jefferson in this room, taking his tea, and staring out at the beautiful view. Like Jefferson, I try to surround myself with things that inspire me. And he does that in every room. In the tea room he has busts of a few American legends/ his personal friends: Benjamin Franklin, Marquis de LaFayette, John Paul Jones, and George Washington. I was so happy just to be in this room, I was giggling like a school girl(and I’m not ashamed of that :)).


I am fascinated by Thomas Jefferson and his family. I think it’s because I feel like I have a lot in common with Jefferson ( With the exception of believing in slavery. I am against owning humans). He’s a fascinating man to learn about. He was a student of life. He loved to learn about different cultures. He wanted to share with people what he learned, but was also a private person (I’m an introvert, myself).

If you ever have the chance to visit, please go! Not only do you get to see the house with general admission, but also the garden and grounds. There are different types of tours. The next tour I want to take is behind -the- scenes tour. With that you get to see the upstairs, where his daughter and her family lived. Truth be told, I could spend several days at Monticello. There’s something so majestic about it.

In truth, there is also some dark history at Monticello. There is a slavery tour that you can take with general admission. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to take it due to timing. But that just gives me more of an excuse to go again. I think it’s just as important to share their story, I just didn’t go on that tour.

Another thing you need to hit at Monticello is the shops! Just outside the house, as you walk along the garden path (your actually facing the house) you’ll see the a little gift shop with a bunch of goodies. I HIGHLY suggest you get the Monticello root beer. In the main gift shop, they have anything and everything you could ever want to get concerning Jefferson and his life at Monticello. Books, wine, gardening items, home decor, etc. I want everything! I even got Monticello Rose wine that was made at their winery.

This was a trip that I will always look back in nothing but good memories. It was amazing to see.

Till the next adventure!


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