What is your why?

What is your Why to achieving everything that you want to make happen? Why are doing all of this? Why are you beating yourself into the ground and exhausting yourself? What keeps you going? Do you even remember your Why when things get hectic and shit hits the fan?

What is my Why?

All of my out-of-this world goals and gigantic dreams.


I do it for Freedom. I do it so my partner and I can live the way we want. I do it so I can travel the Earth and learn about the history and different cultures that make it up. I do it because I believe I can make a difference in this world. I do it so I can give back to the world.

I am guilty of forgetting my Why. I tend to get wrapped up in the moment and can get  overwhelmed. I’m in a difficult part in my life. I completely dumped everything upside down and decided to hit the redo button. It’s scary as hell! I absolutely hate it! This is not a fun part of my life, but I felt is was necessary. Re-examining every little thing in my life, cleaning out the junk, making space, and making myself stronger. I quit my full-time job and decided to go back to school so I can have more control over my future. I wasn’t going anywhere as a retail manager. It has been a huge and painful process restarting everything. So far, I’ve been on this journey for two years. If you were to look at my life in the two year time period, it’ll look stagnant, but I can feel the change. I have grown more in these past two years than ever before.

I keep going. Sometimes, I’m barely hanging on by my fingertips. I get frustrated with my pre-calculus ii class, because I hate math. Chemistry makes me cry and I know I have several chem classes to go. I haven’t had chemistry in ten years!  But I’m going to keep going!  I am surrounded by “young adults” (and I use that term loosely) that has no idea of how the real world works. But I keep going. I struggle with my part-time job that makes me want to Scream! But I keep going.

If your in the same boat as I am, remember your Why’s. Remember Why your putting yourself through all of this. It’ll be worth it! Become the person you were meant to be.

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