Packing up for the move


Happy Monday! This morning, I’ve already taken my morning walk, had my morning coffee, started laundry, and cleaned the living room. Since I got a few chores out of the way, I’ve settled down to watch a few shows on Create TV (my absolute favorite TV channel) and do a little writing! I’m watching Joseph Rosendo’s show, TravelScope. It’s one of my favorite shows. I get the travel itch every time I watch it.

It’s been a little busy lately. I’ve been working and finishing up my precalc. 2 class. I’ve also been doing a little bit of packing, but saving the majority of it for the week before we leave.

IMG_20170427_120009Believe it or not, this is an organized mess……kinda.

Moving isn’t an easy task and can even be daunting. Packing up everything in your life, tying up the loose ends, finding a new job and school. Even being the “new girl” again….. But on the bright side, it can be fun moving to somewhere new.  It’s a chance for new beginnings, new friends, and new places to explore. It also gives you a chance to clean out and go through everything. Thomas and I are on our fifth move together. I’ve gotten pretty descent at organizing for a big move. For this move, we are moving out-of-state. Which can be incredibly overwhelming when your traveling long distances. For us, we’ll be on the road for roughly 8-9 hours. But I’ve got a plan in place to make it a little less painful. We have roughly 3 weeks left.

Currently I am going through the entire house and organizing and sorting. Thomas and I have been together for 7 years and lived together for 4 years. So we have stuff. I’ve set up two boxes; one for donation and the other is to sell. My donation box is already almost full, so I’ll be working on box 3.

Some  of my tips for a big move:

  • Pinterest is full of ideas, but it can be a bit much. With all the pictures, lists, and binder recommendations it can be overwhelming by just looking at it (at least for me it is). I was starting to make a binder because I saw a picture of a “moving binder” and I loved the idea! But as I was planning what I was going to put into it, I realized I really didn’t need one. Do things that make sense to you. Don’t do more work than you have to.
  • Create a to-do list. I’m a list maker in general and it helps keep me straight. This is a way to make sure you do everything that you need to do before you leave. Keep it with you for a couple of days so you can add to it any time. I always get ideas when I’m doing other things.
  • Always keep track of where you’ve lived and worked. This makes things a lot easier when your filling out applications for housing or jobs.
  • Have a box or tub set aside for things that you’ll need for the first couple of days and nights. This was a game changer for me. Things such as toilet paper, medication, chargers, shower curtain, etc… I even typed up a list so I don’t forget a thing.IMG_20170427_115836I know…..I’m weird like that. But it makes me feel better. Organization makes life run smooth.
  • Organize your moving boxes room by room. Packing up a room at a time will make things easier to hunt down when your looking for something.

my notes on moving to Columbus, Ohio

Virginia was a struggle for me. This whole experience. I’m not totally sure why, but it was, but Virginia didn’t care for me. I didn’t make any friends, I kept switching jobs and I gained about ten pounds.

This move back to Ohio is going to be a fresh start for me. I’ll be on familiar grounds, but a new city.

I’ll lose the weight, complete school, get active……all of it!

Virginia was a learning experience for me. I learned a lot about myself. I’m grateful for the opportunities that were given to me here and i learned from them. I’m so grateful for my boyfriend. He’s my life partner and my reason. I’ve enjoyed connecting with nature while being here and rediscovered my childhood dreams. I’m so happy that I’ve been able to also discover the history of Virginia. My trip to Monticello was amazing. My several trips to Tuckahoe Plantation was breath taking. We were able to visit the ocean and take a memorable whale watching boat-trip on Valentine’s Day.  We also completed our little family by adopting our cat here in RVA.

1422816898295    10398028_1996118267195552_4808777305935947162_n

Till next time.

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