Greetings from Ohio!


Hello all!

It’s so nice to be in our new home city, Columbus!! I’m really enjoying the city. Normally, I am NOT a city girl, but I think I’m just relieved to be out of Virginia.



(It’s been a pretty rainy summer.)

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to blog. Holy cow, so much has happened! At least I feel like it has. We have now lived in Ohio for a month and a half! And it’s been great! I’ve been so busy trying to get the apartment together (I miss living in a house already.) with unpacking and storing things at mom and dad’s. Getting on a new work schedule and developing new routines. Getting to know our new city.  And getting ready for a new school.

I think every weekend we’ve been doing things. We’ve even been able to see family and friends several times. And not to mention- I’ve made several trips to the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. Thomas bought me a membership there so I can go anytime I want! And I do!


Karen is still getting adjusted. I’ll be honest, she’s struggling just a little bit. She’s been getting into our food, meowing all the time, and being a little destructive. She gets better as time goes, but I feel bad. I don’t think she likes it here. But the good news is that the apartment is just temporary.


The apartment is fine, it’s an apartment. We have to store a lot of stuff at mom and dad’s because it’s not as big as our other places. But I’m trying to make it home. I’ve got some things hanging up on the walls now. It just needs organizing and getting rid of a odd smell. I can’t wait to explore more of this city and get familiar with Ohio once again.

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