Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

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I am an avid zoo goer. I’ve been lucky enough to have been able to visit a fair few. Such as the Indianapolis zoo, Toledo Zoo and Aquarium, Cincinnati Zoo, St. Louis Zoo, Richmond Metro Zoo, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom. But my favorite is the Columbus Zoo! Ask anyone I know and they tell you that as well! And since I live in Columbus now, it takes no time to get there! It might sound a little weird to you, but I’ll give you a few reasons why I love this place so much.

  • I love animals. I’ve always loved them and always will. Few of my favorites: western lowland gorillas, elephants, African lions, cheetahs, brown bears……I can keep going…


  • Columbus Zoo takes very good care of their animals. These animals are happy to be there. I know people say, “It’s so sad, they should be in the wild”, I agree, but these guys (most of them) were never in the wild and they have an important role to play. Every single animal, reptile, fish, and insect at the Columbus Zoo are ambassadors to their cousins in the wild. Kids fall in love at the zoo and want to learn all about their favorite animals, which leads to wanting to protect them. I think it’s a great conservation tool.


  • Columbus Zoo and Aquarium supports different conservation efforts.
    • Manatee Rehab in the U.S.
    • Lions in Kenya
    • Gorilla Doctors

And these are just a few!

  • The exhibits are set up like the countries that the animals live in. As a traveler, I love this!  For example, in the Australian exhibit; it’s set-up like a cafe in Australia.  You start to walk into the back of the cafe and all of a sudden everything is darkened. It’s their exhibit for the nocturnal animals of Australia. There’s a little bit of light so you can see where your going. It’s setup like your walking through a nature preserve. It’s awesome! I love all the props and especially the maps.
  • IMG_20170617_123327


  • There is a really good restaurant,  called Mapori Restaurant (in the Heart of Africa). Really good food! I’ve been getting their beet and citrus salad with champagne dressing. Just delicious! But that’s not the only place to get food. If you find yourself in the Congo Expedition, they have the Congo River Market there. There’s also little food carts setup through out the park.

If you ever find yourself in Columbus with nothing to do, please make your way to the zoo! You won’t regret it. Take time to learn about these magnificent creatures that we share this planet with. Stop by Habitat Hollow and learn how to contribute to protecting the environment. Stroll by the cheetah enclosure where you can appreciate the beauty of these creatures. Or pop a squat in the Aviary and listen to the song birds.

Till next time!

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