Just horsin’ around.

The earth would be nothing without people, but man would be nothing without the horse

                                                                                                              Unknown Author


It has been a very rainy week and a half. But I’ve been pretty busy enjoying it. It’s been storm after storm here in the mid-west and I love it. In Virginia it didn’t rain enough. I’m quite comfortable with rainy days. Last Sunday, it did stop raining for a bit, so I went horseback riding! It was amazing! I loved every second of it.

I used to go riding and even volunteered at a barn. But it’s been about ten years since I’ve been in the saddle and baby I’m back!. I find it incredibly therapeutic and natural. It’s one of my biggest passions.


Thomas, me, and two of our friends headed to The Wilds in Cumberland, Ohio. It was a beautiful afternoon and so was the trail. The trail started out near the barns where we got onto our horses and had a mini lesson in riding. Once we settled in our saddles we were off.


This beautiful boy is my riding partner, Chip. I was the only one that has been riding before, so I got the bossy one. I was a little nervous since it’s been so long, but once I got in the saddle, it all came back to me. Chip was such a good horse to ride. He was a boss horse in the group and so was Thomas’ horse, Andy. Thomas was in front of the line on the trail and I was right behind them. Well Chip and Andy didn’t get along too well since they were both dominant. Chip kept biting Andy in the butt so I had to get another horse in between us.


The trail was perfect for beginners. It was these huge open fields in the hills with hundreds of wild flowers. The trail got close enough to the river to be able to see it. The only part that was just a little scary was when we went down hill a little bit. I have this weird phobia of going up and down hills….not too sure why, but I do. I put all of my faith and trust in Chip and hoped for the best. And of course he got me through it. He even stopped a few times to much on some grass.

One of the best things that happened to me on this excursion was that I galloped for the very first time. It was so much fun! I loved it. My inner cowgirl came out of me, that’s for sure. I loved being out in that open space. A girl can breath out there. Away from people and the world…..it was lovely.


The ride was about 50 minutes long. I didn’t want it to end, I can’t wait to go back.

I love it when we do something fun and it really inspires me. This little trip only made me want to get closer to nature and the beautiful things in the world. I’m hoping Thomas and I will be able to buy land and build our home in the country. I was raised in the country and I miss it.

The Wilds has a lot of different things that you can do, not just horse back riding. They have different tours and safari’s that you can go on and you can even stay overnight in a Yurt. They have a lot of different animals there to see when on safari. Rhinos, ostrich, cranes, giraffe, cheetah, and many more.


We tried to get a group picture, but it didn’t work out too well. 🙂

I highly recommend going to The Wilds. It was awesome.


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