Staying Positive and Focused in trying times.


Is this world going crazy?! I feel like it is. I’m not going to lie, these last couple of weeks has gotten me pretty depressed. Anyone else feel like that?

It is no secret that these are trying times. Once again, there was a mass shooting killing innocent people. Politicians believe that they have the right to tell people how to live their own lives. Islands and coastlines are getting hit with tropical storms and hurricanes. Wildfires hit our forests. People losing their homes and jobs. Other people steal, cheat, and lie. And let’s not forget people are just plain rude (I work with the general public in a big city,)! It’s nonstop. But…….this is life.

How the heck is a gal suppose to stay sane?! Well, I came up with a few tips and ideas for myself. I hope these help you as well.


  1.  Take time to get outside and away from people. I don’t know about you, but I NEED to get away from people periodically. I’m an introvert naturally, so I have no problem getting away from it all. Open spaces like the one, at my parents house, is a great place to escape the city. Just peace and quite.
  2. I took Facebook off my phone. If I want to check it, I use my laptop. It’s soooo much nicer not having it on there! I don’t get the annoying reminders and I can’t mindlessly get on the app. It’s been incredibly freeing.
  3. Cut out the news. I had to stop watching it, because I was watching it all the time. I became obsessed with it.
  4. Concentrate on yourself. Take care of yourself and don’t worry about what everyone else is doing. This is actually a habit that I’m trying to break.  It doesn’t matter what their doing with themselves. Be true to you.
  5. Volunteer for something that you believe in.
    I just signed up for volunteering for a horse rescue and I’m so excited!! Being with horses is incredibly therapeutic for me.
  6. Be the change you wish to see

I hope these get the ball going for ya. I know I’ve been getting more selective on the things that I watch or listen too.

Do what makes you truly happy. Till next time!!

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