the North Market

Hey there! Happy Monday.

It’s been a quite a few days since I’ve done a post so I just wanted to do a quick update on what’s been going on.

Yesterday was a fun morning/early afternoon. We went to a place called North Market, here in Columbus. It’s pretty much a ware house with a bunch of food stalls. We ate a lot while we were there. it was all amazing.


Our first stop was this amazing donut. We got this from Destination Donuts. We don’t really eat donuts but this one was calling our name as we passed the display. This beauty is Raspberry Hibiscus. We also got a Maple pecan donut hole to split. The only thing we didn’t like was the price. I felt like $6 was a little expensive for one donut and one donut hole. But they were tasty.

There was so much to see and smell! There’s two floors in this warehouse. I got to the second floor to kinda map everything out and plan my attack for round two. It smelled amazing from up there. All the smells just wafting on up. Once I weighed all my options, I finally decided on Vietnamese food. Which I haven’t had since we moved back to Ohio. So we went to Lan Viet Market. We both got pho. Mine had chicken and his had beef. They were both soooo good. Perfect for a chilly fall day.


This is heaven in a bowl.  As we were eating our delicious soup, the food stall next to us, MoMo Ghar Market, was put on our list for next time. I’ve always wanted to go to Nepal, and the dumplings sound really good.


After we were done, we both had soup belly. We were so full! But so worth it. But before we left, we had to get a pretzel from Bretzel and I grabbed a Mango Lassi from Flavors of India. I can not wait to go back!! I’m definitely going to be making the Lassi at home.

We felt like we had to walk a little to get rid of our soup belly. So we went to Goodale Park. It was super close to North Market. It was a beautiful fall walk.


It was lovely and filling afternoon.

till next time!   IMG_20171103_133144


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