My favorite podcasts

I have to be up really early in the morning. Like 4 am early and  be at work at 5 am….yuck. And sometimes, it’s just damn hard to get up that early. Once I drag my ass out of bed, I get ready for the day, while listening to one of my favorite morning podcast shows. It makes me laugh, even that early.  I’m even able to listen to my music or podcasts at work for a few hours in the morning. It really helps me get in the right frame of mind.

I listen to podcasts while I’m in the car, when I go grocery shopping, walking to class and even cleaning the house. I’ve been trying not to turn on the TV until Thomas gets home for the day, which is after 5pm. But i don’t like to hear the noises in the apartment complex and the traffic. So podcasting is the way to go. Here’s a few of my favorites.


Image result for horses in the morning

This is my favorite show from Horse Radio Network. I’m a horse lover and volunteer for a equine rescue. So this show is right up my ally. The hosts of this show are hilarious, plus it’s very educational, if you have horses in your life. I highly recommend it.

Horses in the Morning podcast


Related image

If you like history, I highly recommend Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History. What I love about this podcast is how well researched his episodes are. These are awesome for road trips! My favorite episode is about the Moguls.

Hardcore History

Image result for healthy critters radio

This is another podcast from Horse Radio Network. It’s mostly about horses and dogs, but a lot of things are sprinkled in between. The ladies that host this program are a joy to listen too. One of my favorite segments is “Critter Nutrition”.

Healthy Critters Radio

Image result for Sound bites pod

Of course I had to have something nutrition related (since that’s what I’m in school for). The host, Melissa Joy Dobbins MS, RDN, CDE, knows what she’s talking about. She has a pleasant voice to listen too and makes this easy listening.

Image result for model health show

This is probably my absolute favorite health podcast! Shawn Stevenson makes health and exercise interesting and entertaining.His array of guests that come on his show not only informs you on living a healthier life, but living your best life.

I hope you can listen to one or two of these. They inspire me or lift me up from a bad start to the day.

Do you have any favorite podcasts? Let me know 🙂


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