a little bit of a break and Franklin Conservatory.



Winter is here folks!  Karen the cat and I are curled up on the couch with one of our favorite blankets. Luckily our apartment is small so it doesn’t take much to heat.

So……I’m finally finished with my exams! The battle is won, but the war still rages on. And there are a couple of things that  I learned from this semester.

  1. I need to make more time for studying the difficult subjects. I really didn’t study the way that I wanted too.
  2. Peace and quiet is KEY
  3. listen to the reviews on rateyourprofessor.com. I knew that my chemistry instructor was bad due to the reviews, but I took the class anyways.
  4. Go to each and every class. Even if I Really don’t feel like it. One professor gave a bonus point every day you attended.
  5. Keep trying and keep going.
  6. get help when I need it.

Now that I have a nice little break ahead of me I made some plans. Cleaning, organizing, tons of reading, cooking,and spending time on There and Back Again Student. So I’m pretty excited.


The other day, I met with my friend Jen at the Franklin Conservatory. I was pretty excited since I’ve never been before.


We walked upstairs and came up on a little art room. All of the art is made from the local people of Columbus. The room goes right into the main area with a gingerbread competition.


The gingerbread house of Saint Basil’s Cathedral was my favorite.


The Conservatory was divided into different areas of the world, which I love. They have the Himalayan mountain, desert, rain forest, and the Pacific Island water garden. I loved it. It’s nice to see some greenery in the winter.

There’s even a little Garden cafe for some food and drinks. Everything is made from scratch and some things are even grown on site. I wasn’t too hungry, but I did have a yummy fruit salad. My friend, Jen, had a chicken kale wrap. I wish I was hungry, because that’s what I would of gotten. But I’m pretty sure that I’ll go back.


I really enjoyed my visit at the Franklin Conservatory. I tend to get cabin fever in winter, so I’m trying to do more and stay active. Going to a lovely green place like this definitely puts me in a positive mood.

There’s still a lot to see in Columbus but I’m slowly marking them off my list.


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