Active Winter Break

Hello all!!! Happy Winter break, belated Merry Christmas and a happy new year!!


I’m not sure why, but this past semester seemed to drag a bit. But I’m happy to have a bit of a break and get prepped for next semester, which is in just a few days.

It’s been so busy up to this point!

Before Christmas,  I went to my nephews 5th birthday party! I can’t believe he’s five years old. He wanted to go to the Christmas village, which is in an adorable town called Clifton.  The village was at the historic Clifton Mill and it was absolutely beautiful! There was a mini size Christmas village with a train running through it. It even had a little movie theater. My nephew is hardcore into trains,especially Thomas the Train, so this was up his alley.


The Mill’s claim to fame is that they have over 3.5 million lights. It was really nice to be there especially with my sister and nephew. But it was EXTREMELY crowded, I’m talking shoulder to shoulder (which I am not a fan of ).  You also had to pay $10 to get in. I thought it was a lot of money, which I’m sure goes to the electric bill. It was nice to go since I haven’t been in years.



Christmas came and went. I’m always amazed how quickly it goes. So much time, money and energy spent on one day. I think I might do it a little differently next year. I’m not totally sure yet, but it’ll be different.


Thomas and I stayed the night at my mom and dad’s on Christmas Eve and woke up to this beautiful view. I miss the country sooooo much.

Once we were dressed we headed out to my sister’s house to wake the kids and open presents. All in all, it was a good Christmas. It just went so fast. It was jam packed with food and gifts. Later that evening we headed to my aunt and uncle’s for Christmas dinner.

For New Years, Thomas and I headed to his cousins. We were invited to his company’s bowling party to ring in the new year. It was a lot of fun! I haven’t been bowling in years, but I’m happy to say that I didn’t do too horrible. Do you have any New Years resolutions? I actually haven’t done them in a couple of years, but I decided to come up with just a couple of goals.

  1. Sign up for horseback riding lessons in the Spring.
  2. Sign up to volunteer at a farm. That’ll help me with my internship down the road.
  3. Create the blog of my dreams. This is one that will take time. I really would love to do a lot with this site. So now I just have to learn how to do everything.


Fast forward to today. I have the rest of this week plus the weekend to prepare myself for the upcoming semester. For the rest of the time I’m going to also be cleaning and organizing the house. So it’ll be nice and calming.

Weekend plans: going over to my parents to do laundry (I’m not paying a fortune to use the washer and dryer at the apartment) and hang out. And hopefully, i’ll get one or two more posts in before Monday.

I hope you guys have a good rest of the week. Let me know what your resolutions are!



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