update and the Equine Affair!

“Just because you couldn’t do it yesterday, doesn’t mean you can’t do it today.”




Hello all!

I’m super behind on posting….It’s been busy in my household. With the end of the school year almost here, a family wedding coming up, and a friend coming in from Virginia.  I can’t believe it’s the last week before finals. Thank goodness!! I’m already looking forward to a break this summer. I was going to take a class, but I need to get some volunteer hours banked.

I’ve already got a list of things I want to complete this summer. This blog included. I can’t wait to be able to work on it some more and really get it organized and updated.

We’ve put a hold (I think) on looking for another place to live. Since we’re in the city, all the places have been overpriced for what we were looking at. I don’t get it, personally. We would be paying more money, than we already are, for a crappy townhouse. No thank you. We’ll just stay in our little apartment, I’m fine with that. We’re actually wanting to move out of state again. Hopefully out west…….I swear my heart longs for it. I’m really hoping for Colorado or even Montana. I really want to see those mountains.



I didn’t make the World Fair regrettably. I just wasn’t feeling too good that day. But I did go to the Equine Affair! It was awesome and a little rainy, but that didn’t dampen my spirits. I was so excited to be there and to see all the different breeds of horses. I loved everything. The smell of the horses and leather (horse people get it :)), the sounds………..everything. Tons of shopping too. Very dangerous for someone that’s trying to downsize on stuff…..but I wanted everything.

*side note on my shopping: I don’t do a lot of it. I’m trying to get rid of my debt and only stick to things that really mean something to me. Especially if we end up moving out west…I’ll have to get rid of a lot of things.

Thomas and I got to the fairgrounds around 9:30 in the morning. Our first stop was the breed barn (our favorite). We went on a Saturday and for some reason, there weren’t as many horses as there was last year (which we went on a Sunday). Our favorite breed is probably the Percheron. The Gentle Giants for the horse world.

Aren’t they awesome!?


We even went to a trail riding class and a Percheron riding clinic.  I can’t wait to go back next year.

I did learn a couple of things for next year:

1. buy a 2 or 3-day pass instead of just one day. There are a ton more clinics i want to see

2. bring snacks with me to save money and for healthier options

3. and bring more cash with me and bring a smaller purse.

It’s really hard for me to pick out a favorite breed. It’s almost impossible really. But the Percheron’s are just so damn cool! I really wanted to see the mustangs and Andalusian though.



It’s been relatively nice outside so I went to the zoo last week. I love going there to get some walking in and to visit with all the animals. I go there as often as I can while we are living in Ohio. I’m going again next week since. Because of the weather, I’ll be trying to go at least once a week…..i’m a zoo nerd.


I’ve even been able to walk at the park a couple of times since it’s been getting nicer outside. One day I was even able to bring my journal, sit on a bench, and just write. The sun was shining, the birds, were out, and the trees were blooming. It was beautiful.



For the rest of the day, I’ve got to find an article for my economics class, grab some dinner (I’m hoping barbecue), and catching up on Westworld. I missed it last night because I was finishing up another assignment.

It’s back to the books! Have a great week.

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