Could you leave it all?


Could you leave it all behind given the chance?

And all that you would have is the one you love and a suitcase packed full of clothes and anything else you can stick in there. Once I started to think about it enough, it really put things into perspective.

Could we leave our sweet cat to someone we don’t know and hope that they’ll take care of her they way that we do? That thought makes me sad and slightly sick.

Could we easily sell everything that we own? We would own absolutely nothing other than what’s in our bags.

Saying goodbye to all that we know, once again. Only this time with less comforts of home. Thinking about this makes me feel like I could be either Frodo or Bilbo Baggins. They left behind their creature comforts, but they were able to go back. We wouldn’t have any of that. We’d be starting from scratch on our own.

No jobs. No home. No promises, with the exception of freedom. Just a rental car to get us to wherever we’re going. Just dreams of a better life and better home.

It’s an extremely exciting thought (and almost terrifying). The thought to just ride the open road into the west. Looking for our new home and a new start. Just as the pioneers, I can feel it in my bones. The West is beckoning me. I think that’s why I feel so linked to those people from the past. It’s the romance and promise of freedom. The promise of wild places that still exist in this world.

Could you leave it all behind?

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