Back to School checklist

Well….we knew that summer wouldn’t last forever. And now it’s back to school time.


Time for the fresh hair cuts, school supply shopping (yay!), scheduling classes, and readjusting schedules. It’s time for new attitudes and new goals, and new study habits. This semester, I’m going to crush it!  I’m actually will be excited to get back to class. My summer wasn’t as nearly as productive as I wanted it to be. It was my fault. It’ll be nice to actually feel like I’m accomplishing goals and things that need to be done.

So on to my preparation! What can I do today , to set myself up for a successful semester? When I first started thinking about it, I was pretty sure there wasn’t anything to do, except for showing up on Monday for my first class. But the more I thought about it, I started coming up with some things that I could be doing to prep myself.

#1. Get a list of my classes together and where they would be located. For me; I only have one actual class (plus the lab) to get too. My other two are online.

#2. Get involved with programs. This is a department that I struggle in, being an introvert. Last year, once my classes ended, I high-tailed it out of there. This year, I’m going to get involved more with the school. It’ll be outside of my comfort zone, but I really feel like I need to do this. And besides, you can only grow outside of your zone. I already RSVP’d a couple of seminars at the school.

#3. Use my planner and phone for assignments and dates to remember. Right when I receive those important dates, write them down. Normally, I don’t care to use my calendar in my phone, so this will be an experiment. It couldn’t hurt for reminders.

#4. Reuse school supplies from last semester. There’s no sense in getting new supplies unless I need to. I do need some new pens 🙂

#5. Believe in myself! This is a big one. I’m tired of always doubting myself, wondering if I can really do this. It’s time to step up to the plate and knock it out of the park! I can do this. There isn’t any room or time for self doubt.

I’m going all in with a new attitude. I hope everyone has an awesome start to their classes. Let me know what your doing to prepare!

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