Winter Break

Ahhh……take a deep breath and relax. You did it!! (If you are a student and finished the semester.) It’s finally done! Take a moment, open that bottle of wine, and relish what you accomplished.

I hope you were successful. I know for myself that I could of improved on certain things, but I think it’s very important to not dwell on what’s already past. It’s come and gone, just learn from your mistakes. So cheers to you my friend!

I’ve been only off for a weekend and a few days, but I’ve been really enjoying this newfound freedom. It’s important to relax and recoup, but it’s also a good idea to get prepped for the upcoming semester and to be proactive during your break. This is a great time to get your “house” in order.

Here are some things that I’ll be doing during my few weeks off.

my list of books keep growing.
  1. Read- This is the one thing I’ve been really looking forward too. I have a pretty big pile of books that I want to read.
  2. Winter cleaning- During the semester, I really let the chores take a back seat. I just wasn’t able to keep up. So a good cleaning is in order.
Look how messy my desk is! It’s piled with stuff.

3. Realign your goals-Make sure your doing what makes YOU happy. Don’t be afraid to change things up a bit.

4. Exercise- I will be doing a bunch of yoga. I love doing the free videos from Yoga with Adrian.

5. Menu planning- Not only for the upcoming meals, but for meals when I’m back in school. It was just crazy and super stressful trying to decided what the heck to make for dinner.

6. Organize- whatever this means for you, do it. Organize the house, school supplies, the kitchen. Do things that will make your life easier once it gets crazy again.

When your in school as an adult, it’s important to be able to focus. When I have these things done, I feel balanced and less stressed. The best part of this list is that all of these things are attainable. I’d love to know what your doing during your winter break. Let me know!

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