Three ways I’m maximizing my time

Do you ever feel like you never have enough hours in the day? I do!!! A lot of them actually. How the heck am I suppose to get everything done!?

  • school: homework, studying, reviewing lectures
  • work: projects that I’m handling by myself and working super early in the a.m.
  • taking care of the house.
  • cooking meals
  • grocery shopping.
  • passion projects

And that’s not to mention trying to take care of yourself and I’d like to do some fun things every once in a while. A lot of the times I feel like I’m barely hanging on or just barely making my deadlines.

At the end of the day I wonder what happened to the day and what the heck did I actually accomplish? I’ve actually been observing my own behavior for this very issue. I’ll let you know that it was actually a bit eye-opening.

Maximize Every Moment

The first thing I had to do is to be REAL with myself. I actually had to take note to what I was actually doing daily and how I was spending my time. Becoming aware, not just on autopilot. I  started writing down what exactly I need to get done daily. I started a list of all my errands and things I need to do daily, weekly, monthly, etc. This includes work, school, and home stuff. That way, I can break everything down to see where my time should be going. I even wrote down things that I want to be getting done. I’m a visual person, so I see things if I write it all down on paper and put it where I can see it. Then I set an alarm on my phone to remind me.

I had to be honest with myself. I’m not doing myself any favors by denying of what I’m actually doing.  I found that I was looking at my phone way too often. And it would be mindless. I wasn’t even fully aware when I was doing it. This is probably the biggest distraction. What did I do about it? I deleted my Facebook and Instagram accounts. I’ve been off of it for a couple months and have never looked back. I don’t miss it at all. I was also catching myself turning on the TV for “background noise’. For me, this does not work as well (at least I’m finding out what works and doesn’t work). It needs to be turned off, if I’m going to accomplish anything.

Second on my list was prioritizing and planning ahead. Thankfully, my schedule is fairly regular. So I’m able to keep my day-to-day pretty regular. It’s just a matter of constructing my day to get the most out of it.

This past semester, I kept putting my school work off. I’d wait till the very last minute until it was due . And sometimes I wouldn’t even get finished with assignments because I kept putting it off last minute. That’s not good at all for someone who wants to become an expert in her field. It’s not good practice or preparation. Lesson learned.

***additional tip: get ahead when you can, especially when it comes to homework. This will pay off big time. I don’t know how many times I wished that I did this. Something comes up and I become so busy and end up wishing I got ahead in those meaningless down time moments. Maximize every moment.

Third. Organization is absolute key. This is a huge task, especially if you aren’t organized. I’m talking about getting down and dirty; down to the nitty gritty-organized. Maybe you need to take time off of work. Maybe it won’t be that big of a deal for you. For me, this has been ongoing for a long time. And I’m finally getting somewhere. This isn’t an easy task to do.

A last tid bit- just get it done.

Do you have any tips on maximizing your time?

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