A little trip to Orlando.

Happy Spring!

It’s still chilly but I am super excited that it’s starting to feel like spring!! Yay!!!! It doesn’t look like it yet, but it’ll be green soon enough. I’m so ready. I’ve started walking everyday when it hasn’t been raining. It’s a goal of mine to walk every single day. I don’t like running, so I speed walk to get my heart rate up. This winter has been brutal for some reason. It really didn’t snow a whole lot here, it just has been freezing and dreary. On to better days.

So something fun. We went to Disney!!

Hello Orlando

I was fortunate enough to travel with my boyfriend to Orlando and stay at the beautiful Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort. We left our city really early in the morning and got to Orlando around 9:30am. We only had one day to hit a park so we choose to go to Animal Kingdom, one of my favorites. So once we got to the hotel we checked in and dropped our stuff off, then headed out to the park. When we first got into Orlando, the whether did not look promising.

But then that Florida sunshine came out once we were at the park. It was so nice to see since it was snowing when we left home.

I think my favorite little section of the park is Africa. I love it all. Especially the buildings. Being a student who will be studying nutrition, I should of taken pictures of my food. But we really didn’t get anything once we were there. Except for coffee and a cake pop, which was really good. I think i got the Saharan Desert one. We were too busy trying to fit everything in a short amount of time. We got to the park around 1pm, and we had to be out at 8pm.

My favorite “ride” would be Kilimanjaro, the safari ride. I love to travel and want to travel to as many places as I can and see as many animals as I can. So the safari ride always sparks my passion and excitement for when I can actually go on a safari. **Fun fact, we will be traveling to Thailand in November, so I’ll be able to visit with the Asian elephants!!

Pandora. This thing just blew me away.

We went to Pandora which it was awesome! Really crowded, but the scenery and props were so beautiful. We wanted to ride both rides in Pandora, but the wait times were a bit ridiculous. So we went and explored the rest of the park then went back after seeing everything else what we wanted to see. We choose the smaller line which was the “Na’vi River Journey”. We stood inline for an hour and a half. We were pumped once it was finally our turn! We got into the little boat and we were off into the bioluminescent rain forest. It was….okay. It took me a good minute before I started getting into it. Once I got settled in, I laid my head on Thomas’ shoulder and cozied up for a nice ride and then….BAM! It was over. “Wait…….What happened?!”. “Did we miss something?” We were dumbfounded that the ride was probably less than three minutes. We were pretty upset that we waited in line for that long and it was over in the blink of an eye. Despite that ride, we had a great time.

The rest of the time that we were in Florida, we hotel hopped. It’s one of my favorite activities when we go to Disney. It’s free, easy, and a great way to see the other properties. My absolute favorite resort is Fort Wilderness. I was waiting for Thomas to get out of his meeting so I just ended up staying there for a couple of hours. Even the smell in this hotel was lovely. I’m super interested in the American West, so this hotel is right up my alley. This hotel is replicated after another hotel that is located in Yellowstone. It’s just beautiful there. I could of spent several more hours there.

It was such a whirlwind trip, but it was just so nice to be there. We were only there for two days. 😦 But it was still fun and very much needed. This was a week before my spring break, so school was still in session, but luckily I have online classes. I just brought my laptop with me to work on assignments while Thomas was in meetings. I actually got some work done!

It wasn’t very sunny and still pretty cilly ( roughly 50s). I think I wore my sweater the entire time we were there. The day we were leaving was the nicest day. It got to almost 80 degrees! It was a really nice trip. I’m really hoping Thomas and I will be able to go somewhere this summer. I know in November we are headed to a magical land! Thailand!!

Till next time!

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