Cultivate your world

It’s no secret that I’m not a fan of where we are currently living. It’s constant noise, crowded, and polluted. BUT, I’m going to try and be more positive. Yes, that’s right folks, you read it right here. I’m tired of being a Debbie Downer about it (and no one wants to from hear her). So I started thinking about how I could improve my situation, other than changing my mindset, which I am working on. But I started to think about how I could make MY world better and even enjoyable. Because who knows how long we’ll be living in this area.

How can i cultivate my own world into something that I love? I’ve started looking into this for a while now. I’ve written in my journal and made lists upon lists on what exactly I wanted. I came up with a few things and started implementing them into my life and it’s starting to feel like I’m making some progress. I know it’s going to take some time, but it’s still better than being negative about a situation I don’t have control over. *note: i enjoy going into the city , but not living in it. I’ll admit, it can be beautiful at times. But I’m a country girl and miss the space.*

Here’s a list of some of the things that I’m doing to help cultivate my world.

  1. Switch my grocery store and the time I go. This is a big one for me. We are lucky to live about five minutes from the grocery. However, I hate it there. People come up to you and ask for money, the produce selection isn’t great, the parking lot is amazingly busy for the most part. But this is easily changeable. I work in a different part of town and not too far from another grocery. So with a little bit of planning I switched stores. I’m very happy with the new one!
  2. Play music through-out the house. This is lovely distraction. Our apartment is on a relatively busy road. We have neighbors on all sides of us (who I can hear.) Lately, I’ve been listening to a lot of jazz and Parisian music. This helps relax me and put me in a way better mood.
  3. Create routines to enjoy. I think humans are creatures of habit. I know I prefer to have routines that I look forward too. One of these new routines is evening tea. I have discovered Paris tea by Harney & Sons. I absolutely love it. For me, it signals my brain to unwind.
  4. Buy quality products. Whether it’s real butter, bread from a local bakery, or quality skin care products. Your going to feel better about your choice! Trust me. Yes, it’s more expensive, but it’s all about quality over quantity.
  5. Stop comparing myself to others. Not one person is on the same path as me. My path is going to look different than everyone else.
  6. Get rid of the clutter! I don’t think i need to elaborate on this.
  7. Find the good in your city…..and go there often. I am in pursuit of finding a cafe to belong too. When we lived in Virginia, I had a little cafe that I frequented a lot, right before work. Some of the people knew me and we’d chit chat. I miss having a little cafe to call my own. But it doesn’t stop there. I’m member of the zoo in the area. I can get some really good walking in. I also love having my morning walks at a local park that’s really close by.

Hopefully this list gave you some ideas if you are going through something similar. This is going to be a work in progress. But I’m constantly reminded that if it we easy, everyone would be doing it.

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