Moving on

It is official. We will be on the move again. My boyfriend and I will be moving to Texas! We are ready for a change. We will be relocated to Houston, which is bigger than Columbus. I’m not too excited about the city life, but I am incredibly excited to be moving closer to the lifestyle that I crave. It’s a chance for a new start, a new home, and new adventures.

We will be leaving in three weeks! So that means there is a lot to do. I am currently going through all of our belongings, making GoodWill runs, going to school, and working. Plus we are saying our goodbyes to family and friends. I wish I could say that I’m also visiting the few places that I love here in Columbus, but I’m just too busy. It’s actually a good thing that it’s happening so fast. I’m ready to create our new home.

We will be selling or giving away 90% of all of our belongings. Including our two cars. We will buy a newer car and travel to Memphis and stay over night for a break. Then head on to Texas.

I will still be going to school. I’m just a few short credits away from getting my associates (yay!!!), then to a university for my degree in dietetics. I will be taking the fall quarter off of school though. Not only because of this big move and getting to understand a new and large city, but also because of our trip to Thailand in November. We’ll be gone most of the month, so it’ll be pointless. There’s a lot going on for the rest of the year. A lot of change!

And on the note of change, I decided to discontinue this blog. I wasn’t getting any joy out of doing it anymore. It was hard to find a community of adult students. And wanted to write about other things. I wanted it to be specifically for adult students. I love writing though and am thinking of a new blog idea. I am in love the western lifestyle of the American West. Everything from the fashion, music, travel, EVERYTHING. So I’m leaning towards that. That would be very fun for me and especially since I’ll be living so much closer to these things that I want to see. I’m so excited about the possibilities. For the few of you that read my posts, thank you for taking the time to read them.

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