Avocado on toast

... the avocado is a food without rival among the fruits, the veritable fruit of paradise                                                      David Fairchild I am a huge fan of avocado toast! It's simple, healthy, and fresh.  I make this all the time. Not only is it good for breakfast, but I also make it as a snack. One of... Continue Reading →


Thank goodness that it is summer!!! I'm taking a summer break from school so i can re-prioritize, relax, work a little more, and do some reading. Yay! I'm super excited to get this summer kicked off. I have a few summer goals that I'll be working on: read at least five books (I'm hoping for... Continue Reading →

update and the Equine Affair!

"Just because you couldn't do it yesterday, doesn't mean you can't do it today." Unknown   Hello all! I'm super behind on posting....It's been busy in my household. With the end of the school year almost here, a family wedding coming up, and a friend coming in from Virginia.  I can't believe it's the last... Continue Reading →

Update and Happy April!

Sweet April showers do bring May flowers.                                                     Thomas Tusser It's April..... finally!!! I'm wishing that I lived in the country so I could be planning my gardening. One day.... Thomas... Continue Reading →

recap of the week

Today is a snow day, here in central Ohio. And it is gross outside. I was suppose to be at work at 6 am this morning, but once I got onto the roads, I realized that it was a mistake. I had a little bit of a panic attack because the roads were so bad.... Continue Reading →

becoming a digital student

Good Evening all! The first week back to school was this week. This semester is going to be a little different. I am going to be a digital student. I've taken a couple of online classes before but not three at the same time. This might not be a big deal to a lot of... Continue Reading →

rainy day thoughts

How do you move on? You move on when your heart finally understands that there is no turning back.                                                                                                          J.R.R. Tolkien I'm sitting here after eating my tomato basil soup and grilled cheese for lunch. I am in a thoughtful mood today. I'm sitting and pondering what the hell do I want to do... Continue Reading →

Active Winter Break

Hello all!!! Happy Winter break, belated Merry Christmas and a happy new year!! I'm not sure why, but this past semester seemed to drag a bit. But I'm happy to have a bit of a break and get prepped for next semester, which is in just a few days. It's been so busy up to... Continue Reading →

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